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Fast, Accurate, and Professional Legal Support Services

You Been Served is an Indiana professional process serving company offering an array of services including process service, notary, signing agent services, private investigations, and more. I have over 10 years of legal experience and am familiar with our local courts and their processes.

I strive to provide the best services to all clients including attorneys, corporations, landlords, and private individuals. Each client will receive personalized experience, I can tailor my services to meet your case's specific needs and deadlines.

You Been Served uses a modern process serving software that provides status updates, GPS and time-stamped service attempts, and affidavits to my clients. You can trust me to be passionate, professional, and efficient with any job I take on.

*I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in Indiana. I am not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.

Indiana Legal Support Services

  • Delivery of court documents to notify an individual of their involvement in a legal proceeding.
  • I serve all types of legal documents including subpoenas, complaints, summons, small claims documents, family law documents, and more.
  • I use the best tactics to get your papers served efficiently and on time. Easily request process service with our online order form. You can upload your service documents and provide your case information.
  • Notary services help ensure that legal documents/contracts are legally binding. Remote (online) and mobile notary services are available. Learn more here.
  • Signing agent services for real estate closings, i9 verifications, immigration forms, and apostille verifications.
  • I have contracted out through over 80 companies and closed over 300 loans, in addition, I've completed jail signings for attorneys and any others requesting my services.

           Paralegal Services                                                   Private Investigations

  • Freelance paralegal services for law firms and solo attorneys.
  • I am equipped with my paralegal certification and years of professional experience in the legal industry.
  • I know the best practices to gather facts quickly, assist with legal document preparation, and much more.
  • Knowledgeable in Lexis-Nexis 
  • Thorough, discreet, and professional investigations to help with a variety of case types.
  • My education and diploma through Penn Foster provided me with a vast knowledge and understanding of the private investigations industry.
  • All investigations are conducted within local, state, and federal law.

Price List of my Services